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Welcome to Country Knolls South

Welcome to the Country Knolls South web site!! We will be keeping all sorts of neighborhood and community information here. Please keep visiting to view the information you're looking for.

If you have anything to contribute, feel free to contact us. You can email or call any of the following people:

Colene Byrne
Dan Harney
Andy Weise


Important Neighborhood Announcements

Fall Newsletter

The Fall edition of our neighborhood newsletter is due to come out shortly. If anyone has any suggestions, items of interest or articles to contribute, please send them to Dan Harney (68 Longview Drive, or email to We need these by September 10th.

LIGHTING May 2, 2001

Is your street lamp working? We have many long, dark, unlit sections. Some streets have 3-4 houses in a row with non-working street lamps. Please make sure your street lamp is working to discourage kids gathering on your street after dark.

Please remember to lock cars that must be parked on the street and driveways. Car break-ins are common in all CKS neighborhoods, and cars with keys left in them at night have a tendency to "move".


Neighborhood Information

Block Captain List
Announcements around the neighborhood
Items for sale
CKS Softball
Businesses in CKS


Community Information and Links

Town of Clifton Park
Clifton Park Online Community
Shenendehowa High School
Shenendehowa Public Library


If you have suggestions, please feel free to send them to the CKS Webmaster.